Cadets2 Front Ensemble – Show Music (HQ Audio)

We’re cut up our live LotHypeTV footage with one big difference – we replaced the sound with HQ audio captured with our favorite new microphone! (lovingly named Jeffrey) Enjoy The Cadets2 front ensemble in beautiful HQ stereo sound!

The Cadets 2018 – Snare Drum Feature

You ever wonder of DCI lines actually breakdown and clean those ridiculous split parts? Check out behind the curtain with the Cadets 2018 snare drums as they work through a tough part of their feature!

Bluecoats 2018 Battery – ZeroG

The 2018 Bluecoats drumline playing through the crowd favorite “ZeroG”!

Bluecoats 2018 Battery – Moeller Exercise

The 2018 Bloo Bangers playing through their Moeller exercise!

Spirit of Atlanta Battery 2018 – Allentown, PA

Ripped from our LotHypeTV LIVE broadcast, Spirit of Atlanta’s drumline throws down before heading in to compete on June 30th.

Blue Devils Hornline Member Takes Nasty Fall, Jumps Right Back In!

This BD horn member takes a heck of a tumble toward the end of their 2018 program, “Dreams + Nighthawks.” But then in the blink of an eye is back in there! Blink and you’d miss it! 🎥: Scott Eriksen‎ via Drum Corps Coffee Shop

Carolina Crown Battery 2018 – DCI Tour Premier Lot (Multi-cam)

Ripped from our LotHypeTV broadcast, Carolina Crown warms up before taking home the very first High Percussion trophy of the 2018 DCI season!

Bluecoats 2018 Battery – Tour Premier Lot

The Bloo Bangers playing through their show music taking home first at the DCI Tour Premier! Ripped from our LotHypeTV broadcast!

Blue Stars 2018 Battery – DCI Tour Premier Lot

Ripped from our LotHypeTV coverage of the 2018 DCI Tour Premier lots! Watch Blue Stars 2018 drumline playing through their warm-ups and show music!

Carolina Crown 2018 Battery – Tour Premier Lot (Show Music, Multicam)

Carolina Crown’s percussion is coming out firing this season taking home the very first high percussion trophey of the 2018 season! Well earned!

DCI 2018 – Blue Stars Brass Bb Tuning Sequence

Wow. What a sonic punch to the face. Excuse us while we try to un-melt our faces.

Carolina Crown – Opener Sectionals Mash-up

We took videos of Carolina Crown 2018’s Trumpets, Baritones, and Euphonium sectionals and mashed the videos together for one epic opener segment! Original Videos: