Blue Devils Hornline Member Takes Nasty Fall, Jumps Right Back In!

This BD horn member takes a heck of a tumble toward the end of their 2018 program, “Dreams + Nighthawks.” But then in the blink of an eye is back in there! Blink and you’d miss it!

🎥: Scott Eriksen‎ via Drum Corps Coffee Shop

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  1. I saw a lot of people asking, but yes all grass fields are slippery added on top of the fact that drill masters don’t have that great of grip

  2. I use drill masters and yeah, they don’t have a very good grip at all. Not something you want to wear to work in a kitchen.

  3. You know in that SAME performance that night another member fell earlier in the show and you can see a guard member picking up a dropped stick at the start of the ballad


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