2012 DCI I&E Snare Champion | “Gideon” by Keelan Tobia | 1st Place, 99.5

2X DCI I&E Snare Champion (2011, 2012)

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Sunset Station, San Antonio 7/23/2012

Video with Sony Cybershot HX9
Audio with Zoom H4N

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Comment (50)

  1. He looks like he found out his girlfriend is cheating on him right before he went on or something. Idk maybe he is sick or something but he just looked like he was pissed off 

  2. I get the feeling a lot of the commentors here don’t understand how nerve-wracking these competitions are, or how self critical the competitors are immediately after a performance. That guy wasn’t being an asshole, he was just nervous. It’s a lot of pressure.

  3. This dude. I remember we’re talking about this performance, and he tells me. “I’m sick and my left hand was hurting the entire time.” 99.5! and this dude was sick with a funky hand. WHAT?? His words still haunt me to this day.

    (edited for spelling)


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