2018 Western Carolina University “Pride of the Mountains” – Part I

The students and staff of the 2018 “Pride of the Mountains” Marching Band are proud to present their 2018 production entitled, “Now Is The Time”.

“Now is the Time” was designed and conceived as a “call for peace” for the world in which we currently reside. It was developed with an emphasis on music and visual reference that will characterize what we as a society have endured, what we currently are experiencing, as well as ask the question, “Where are we going?” One might believe that a production such as this would be politically motivated, when in fact, we are solely focused on peace, among the people of our world. How do we not repeat the mistakes of prior generations? How can we learn to be understanding of all cultures, respectful of diverse backgrounds, and sensitive to individual viewpoints? In a real sense, it is a plea for the current generation to “step outside the norm” and recognize that we all are people who are different to intentionally create diversity in a world that often discourages such variety.

Instructional Staff and Design Team:
David Starnes, Director of Athletic Bands
Matt Henley, Assistant Director of Athletic Bands
Jon Henson, Assistant Director of Athletic Bands
Doug Thrower, Music Arranger
Jamey Thompson, Drill Designer
Bob Buckner, Pregame Drill Designer
Bobby Richardson, Colorguard Director
Emily Lawson, Colorguard Technician
Megan Loyd, Colorguard Technician
Brittany Cunningham, Colorguard Technician
Amanda Muse, Purple Drumline Director
Taylor Barnes, Bass Drum Technician



➤Website: http://www.vicfirth.com
➤YouTube: http://youtube.com/vicfirthdrumsticks
➤YouTube (Marching): http://youtube.com/vicfirthmarching
➤YouTube (Concert): http://youtube.com/vicfirthconcert
➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicfirth
➤Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicfirth

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  1. This is insane! I love the Pride of the Mountains. Great job to everyone involved. Chill bumps on command at 3:09 lol and the end. MGLO

  2. So there’s this college no one’s ever heard of until now whose marching perc is better than most major west coast colleges? Shoot me


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