Blue Devils SPACE CHORDS [Quality Audio]

See for additional footage this summer!

Blue Devils hornline 2014 Space Chords warmup at DCI semi-finals, Indianapolis, IN, August 8, 2014. Stay tuned for Blue Devils 2015 DCI Finals warmup! Not a binaural recording, but hard not to capture somewhat of a 3D stereo sound, being surrounded by brass players! No ASMR here, but chills are likely.

Also, see Blue Devils International Corps (BDI) performing with Top Secret Drum Corps at the 2015 Basel Tattoo:

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  1. Perfect editing choice to keep camera on John’s conducting. I hate how most warmup videos give so little camera time to conductor. That’s where all the visual action and emotion is. Win.

  2. At some point you gotta say screw it, and then listen to it full volume with your nicest headphones and almost die of thrill 🙂


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