Bluecoats 2014 – Pants (3x) [Quality Audio]

Dedicated to everyone who loved last year’s version of Pants with the “Platinum Rows” tag ending–something that needed to be documented on this channel. With tilted horns, of course! This old footage was definitely worth digging up!

Bluecoats hornline warms up in Piscataway on July 31, Allentown on August 2, and Indy on August 9, 2014. Includes last year’s version of “A World Without Pants” at all 3 locations, as well as “Thumbs” + chorale, and excerpts from their ballad and opener. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Bluecoats 2015 brass footage!

Not enough Pants for you?
Bluecoats 2015:
Bluecoats 2013: (first time I ever heard pants)

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