Cadets of Bergen County 1989 -Judges Tape July 24, 1989

Percussion Judges Tape

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  1. LMAO poor guy sounds like he’s going to die and this is BEFORE the tempos got cranked! And he had no clue about the dual song segment. Also shocked he had to apologize twice during the show for being stupid enough to get in the way. Interesting closer… not even close to the final product. 3 weeks until finals = June 10th for all other corps back in those days. CBC/GARFIELD had so much more demand and cleaned WAY more than anyone else would dare even try. It’s almost sad that the rest of the activity was so far behind the work ethic and show design/ demand… but that’s why this corps was so special.

  2. Hey Dan you should know. You marched with cadets 1990 and won, didn’t you. This is john from Lakeland drumline 1988-91

  3. Hey Dan I knew it had to be you. I’m in Michigan still with my wife and 3 kids enjoying life and missing marching. I went back to Lakeland the past two years with my 15 year old daughter to show her drum corps at the Legends show and her dads old stomping grounds. How are you? I told my daughter about your Madison scouts and CBC stories along with Lakeland tales. I miss Hogan. Any news? Last I heard he was teaching Durand drumline 15 years ago.


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