Carolina Crown 2014 – Hornline Warmup [Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline warms up before their DCI performance on July 6, 2014. Includes the feature with the entire hornline playing high brass instruments! Stay tuned for 2015 Carolina Crown brass content!

Crown’s amazing hornline from last year!
Crown on DCI finals 2014 day:

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  1. Wait…are the bari’s and euphs playing trumpets through that one section? or were they on a break or something? when I was marching, I dreamed of horn lines like Crown’s, playing the runs and double and triple tonguing sections, and in tune, full blast, full breath supported triple forte chords, and full frontal audience face melts…..I’m an old schooler, but after all is said and done, today’s horn lines are playing the kind of stuff we only dreamed about playing back in the day… equipment differences considered….I would love to step up to the challenge of a book like this. Go Crown!!!!


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