“Failure” || EMC Drumline

Track written and performed by John Provost (Jprovost) and Matthias Ward (MATTHIAS).
Beats by Eric Carr (EMC) …pssst, thats me 🙂
*FREE sheet music: https://www.scribd.com/document/393340332/Failure-Score

Link for the “Failure” Track:

This is my 1st attempt at cloning a full drumline w/o using a green screen. I was gonna have a cymbal line for the ending as well but there wasn’t enough space in the room. So I had to cut them. OMG STOCK!!! EVERYONE’S CUTTING THE CYMBALS!!!!😡😡😡even in a pretend drumline this gets me triggered. At least there’s still a cymbal feature tho…

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  1. I like the bass line stuff you write and perform, I feel like bass drums are overlooked a lot. In the case for my high school drumline, I think bass is the most fun

  2. I truly don’t think people realise the time behind making this. Not only do you have to lock camera down, record, stitch, mix sound, and upload, but you have to learn every part of splits, hit the timing perfect (even with a met in your ear, still takes a lot of practice on that part) and then do it in 13+ positions.

    Great work as always!


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