Kidsgrove Scouts 2015 – Hornline [Quality Audio]

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Congrats to the DCE 2015 and WGUK 2016 Champions, Kidsgrove Scouts!

Kidsgrove Scouts warm up in the lot for their DCA Finals show in Rochester, NY (USA) on September 6, 2015. Includes “Space Chords,” “Salvation,” and more! Enjoy Kidsgrove Scouts brass and stay tuned for more DCI and DCA 2015 footage!

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DCUK 2016 British Drum Corps Championships:
DCE 2016 Championships:
Kidsgrove Scouts:

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  1. This years Kidsgrove Scouts finally did it… this corps.. this show… this has made me decide to put my marching shoes back on at 44 years of age! Can’t wait!

  2. Having been in Spirit of Atlanta (79-81)….Salvation is very close to my heart. Thanks for playing it. It reminds me of when we played it the night Jim Ott died….talk about thousands of people crying all at the same time. Nice tone and articulation Kidsgrove…..and great power.


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