“My Hertas 2” EPIC 222 Drummer Collab

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Everyone sit down butts in the seat
I know you want hertas so listen to my beat
The first song was dope but I got somethin’ new
Digga-dap-dap it’s a rap number 2

Not a little riddle just a paradiddlediddle
when we water down the diddles take the beats out of the middle
Stroke it out nice and loud, that’s the song I’m talkin’ ’bout
Playin’ to the beat with ya feet thats how

Hertas in the kitchen
Hertas while I rest
Hertas on the front door
Hertas in a dress
Hertas in the stairwell
Hertas on my phone
Hertas at the movies
Hertas with a clone

(Yung Skeeter)
Ey it’s ya boy Yung Skeeter AKA the rap quad
Been marchin’ so long my back like “Ooh Lawd!”
How was 2019 and them things still fat (fat)
Tesla’s drive themselves but hover drums where you at? (Ooh)

Ya know it’s a good day when you got ’em on stands though
Playin’ crazy ’rounds like you tenor drum Rambo
Hit ’em with some shots and kill ’em with good playing zones
Do not hit a rim or you’re gettin’ cut and sent home

Shoulda brought your System Blues and not your Yamahas
Rims so high like scraping over China’s Great Wall (Gleuhhh)
What ya shoulda did was play somethin’ easier
Rudimentary – floppy flams or cheeses yuh

Don’t forget about my all time favorite
Saw it on Tinder and swiped right so quick
With that back so fat and front so tight
If you think that I’m objectifying hertas then you right

Hertas in the bleachers
Hertas on the bar
Hertas in the sand pit
Hertas in the car
Hertas on the microwave
Hertas while I miss
Hertas on a trash can
Herta on my wrist

(Tony G)
Thinkin’ about, spittin’ about while I’m rappin’ about a herta
EMC Productions man you better buy a shirta
It’s time we put this rhythm on display
‘Cuz the rhythm we grid with a herta you could play all day

You dummies play the dirt, do the work
Turnin’ from a introvert to extrovert, ya heard?
The beater to batter ya know my backbeat gonna shatter
Beat to beat, minute to minute, herta lives matter!

Hertas on my bumper
Hertas on my shoe
Hertas in the water
Hertas with some dude
Hertas with a backpack
Hertas on the bus
Hertas at the office
Hertas on my butt

(Mister GK)
Mister GK out here in NJ
Here to tell you about a certain rhythmical array
Paradiddles are cool and pataflaflas got some beef
Egg beaters are lit, but that ain’t it chief

My love for clean beats I must confess
And hertas are tasty like a chicken breast
Get outa my face with your 4 stroke ruff
Hertas all day I don’t need that other stuff

Hertas in the back seat
Hertas on a book
Hertas on my headphones
Hertas while I cook
Hertas on the whiteboard
Hertas while I eat
Hertas in the backyard
Hertas with my feet

(Reef Raf)
Chillin’ in the back choppin’ out on my pad
Workin’ on my herta ‘cuz you know it’s really rad
Hertas every day ‘cuz you know it’s my life
If I don’t find a girl my drum will be my wife

Everyone shares this rhythm in their book
Boston, Crown, Blue Devils too
They play it so clean it’ll have ya shook
Herta, herta, herta, HOO!

Hertas in the closet
Hertas in a tree
Hertas in the band room
Hertas while I pee
Hertas in my PJ’s
Hertas on my neck
Hertas on a pillow
Hertas with my pecs

(Linda Pinta Santa Marimba)
Linda Pinta in the house and they callin’ me sublime
My hertas are on point and I know I’m lookin’ fine
Hands feelin’ good and so does my spice rack
I’m fire. Get me an ice pack

Flippin’ a stick and feelin’ a bit like you don’t know what a triplet is
A herta is rhythm that you gotta play in time
I’ll take you in the back and I’ll show you my surprise 😉
Herta herta GOCK! You like those rhymes?

Yeah you like that? Ooh ok here’s some more

Stick flip doin’ tricks
Don’t you try and tell me that my beats are never lit, bitch
I’m gold in a diamond patch, a queen with the most sass
You tryina date me? lol PASS!

Breakin’ hearts, playin’ parts, that’s my MO
With those pad hands, boy, y’all be playin’ too slow
Ima hang up. Follow me on Finsta


Drivin’ my Corolla don’t say hol’ up
Goin’ 26 in a 25 YOLO
Snare in the front seat, Glock in the back
With the quads in the trunk herta herta herta GAK

Two 16th’s and two 8th notes
Or two 32nd 16th it doesn’t matter bro
What we’re talkin’ about is the rhtyhm of a lifetime
herta herta herta herta BUM

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