Phantom Regiment 2014 – DCI Opening Night [Quality Audio]

Check out my new Phantom vid!!

Phantom Regiment hornline warms up with Canon for their DCI Opening Night performance on June 18, 2014. Check back later this summer for more Phantom Regiment brass!

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Comment (31)

  1. What a beautiful sounding hornline. Looking forward to hearing their sound get more powerful and beautiful through the season!

  2. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Phantom, wish I could have marched but sadly left for boot camp. I miss the chord progression after Canon in D though :/

  3. Yes… wonderful hornline… Please expand your repertoire and learn some polyphony by Giovanni Gabrieli. That would be impressive!

  4. The Phantom Regiment plays with so much power, and passion that I have decided that next year when I’m a sophomore I am gonna try out for the Phantom Regiment and they have inspired me to musically be the best I possibly can


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