Ranking Every Percussion Instrument (HARDEST to EASIEST)

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Intro Cadence – “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
Download these beats here – https://youtu.be/Z4vNz3M2Suk

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Video Sources:

Whirlys – https://youtu.be/lxARPDTeYZ0

TwoSetViolin 69 Triangles – https://youtu.be/321B3vuy13E

USMC Cannons – https://youtu.be/OV6fO1pbvNk

Waterphone – https://youtu.be/foSJstDFDfg

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  1. Why did you put regular snare drum so high simple is so hard I have this one song that literally my entire drumline is kind of boycotting cuz it’s so hard like it sucks a lot and my band teacher knows it’s hard because he was just like you know what just play on beats one and three


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