Reacting to “The World’s WORST Marching Band”

Please share this video! We need as many people as possible to band together (haha…BAND) and change the titles of these “worst” marching band videos. Stay until the end of the video to hear my plan!

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“World’s Worst Marching Band”

V** I decided to leave this one alone and delete my comment. Based on everyone’s responses and doing some research, these guys strive to be the ‘worst’ and take pride in that fact. I suppose it’s ok to be labeled as the worst if you’re actively seeking the title! **V
“Worst Marching Band in the world”


“Worst I&E solo i’ve seen…”

v**looks like the creator deleted my comment on this one **v
“Worst marching band ever”

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  1. SERGEANT BUTTHOLE NEEDS YOUR HELP! Stay until the end of this video to hear the plan for “Operation Reverse the Worst”!

  2. In case anyone manages to read this, “the worst soloist” guy is now teaching his own indoor percussion line and is a very accomplished musician. Don’t give up guys


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