“Stop Me” by Tim Jackson – 2006 1st place DCI I&E

I would’ve called it “The Quadfather” due to the Godfather reference…but I didn’t write it lol

performed by Eric Carr

I’m not going to post sheet music to this one because:
1 – I learned the whole thing by ear (or i guess by eye is more accurate) and don’t feel like writing it out
2 – There might be some copyright issue

Note: I chose to not include the stick drop and made an educated guess as to what Mr. Jackson would have played to end the puffy section. Though I did drop a stick MANY TIMES when I was learning this. Moving 32nd notes around 18 drums is hard :^o

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  1. Dude… you already know, we’ve all studied this solo like the Bible since it came out. The section on the left set with the downbeat ganks, right before the puffies, is so GOT DAMN tasty Gordon Ramsay would have nothing to say, and I am so, so proud of you for nailing that.


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