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Boston Crusaders 2019 – Clique (JayZ)

Here’s a mix I made with one of Vic Firths play-along’s. PLEASE NOTE: Vic Firth did NOT make this, so do not yell at Vic Firth if you are offended. Yell at me! ( I blocked out their logo so people wouldn’t get confused about this as this has happened in the past and I needed to remove the video)

Regiment 2019 Vlog Ep. 8 // Sean

In todays vlog, Sean shows us what it’s like on a normal day for a snare player at WIU, and ensemble ends with an interesting surprise. #Regiment19

DCI ASMR: Staff Quotes [Explicit]

The first video in a possible series featuring the allegedly spoken quotes of drum corps staff members in a parodical ASMR format. Made especially with the Friends of Rhode Island Police in mind.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and statements contained within are of satire and do not reflect the views of the Drum Corps International Corporation nor any of its affiliated members or corps or that of any member corps’ board members, students, or staff. This video is also not in any way affiliated with the Rhode Island Police or its representative individuals.
All names used within are of fiction and do not refer to actual people.

DCI FINALS 2018 || Mandarins

The Sacramento Mandarins warming up in their first-ever finals lot!

Huge thanks to staff member Chris Morales for letting us get up-close to bring you this amazing footage!