Madison Scouts 2014 – Hornline Warmup [Quality Audio]

Madison Scouts hornline warms up for their 2014 DCI Finals and Semifinals performances on August 9 and 8. Includes an exercise, a show excerpt, and the corps song of Madison Scouts, You’ll Never Walk Alone / MYNWA. Enjoy Madison Scouts brass!

Blue Devils SPACE CHORDS [Quality Audio]

See for additional footage this summer! Blue Devils hornline 2014 Space Chords warmup at DCI semi-finals, Indianapolis, IN, August 8, 2014. Stay tuned for Blue Devils 2015 DCI Finals warmup! Not a binaural recording, but hard not to capture somewhat of a 3D stereo sound, being surrounded by brass players! No ASMR here, but […]

Carolina Crown 2014 – Hornline Warmup [Quality Audio]

Carolina Crown hornline warms up before their DCI performance on July 6, 2014. Includes the feature with the entire hornline playing high brass instruments! Stay tuned for 2015 Carolina Crown brass content! Crown’s amazing hornline from last year! Crown on DCI finals 2014 day:

Cadets 2014 – Rocky Point Holiday [Quality Audio]

Check out my new 2015 Cadets vid! The Cadets hornline warms up with Rocky Point Holiday before their DCI 2014 performance at PPL park on July 6. Enjoy Cadets brass and check back for 2014 DCI Finals footage.

Cadets 2014 – Hornline Warmup | Extended [Quality Audio]

The Cadets hornline on June 18, 2014, the day of their first DCI 2014 show. Exploring sounds in and around the horn arc, and a Cadets percussion feature toward the end! Check back later this summer for more Cadets brass!

Phantom Regiment 2014 – DCI Opening Night [Quality Audio]

Check out my new Phantom vid!! Phantom Regiment hornline warms up with Canon for their DCI Opening Night performance on June 18, 2014. Check back later this summer for more Phantom Regiment brass!

Blue Devils 2013 – SPACE CHORDS [Quality Audio]

Check out my 2014 Blue Devils Space Chords video! Blue Devils hornline warm-up in Allentown, PA on August 3, 2013. Enjoy Blue Devils Brass!

Blue Devils 2013 – Hornline in the Lot [Quality Audio]

Check out my new 2014 Blue Devils Space Chords video!! Blue Devils hornline warms up with Shotgun before their show in Bealeton, VA on July 31, 2013, less than 2 weeks before finals.