The Cadets “In the Lot” : DCI 2013 Minneapolis, MN : HD Footage!

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  1. Hey Youtube, glad to see you checking out videos of the 2013 Cadets! I’m assuming you’re here because you love this activity, so I would be honored if you would take the time to read this.
     I have been chosen to be the tuba section leader for this year’s Cadets corps. As many of you also know, marching in a drum corps isn’t cheap. This will be my fifth year participating in DCI, and it has taken its financial toll quite heavily. I’m currently attending a community college while saving up money to pay for the continuance of my education at a four year university when the funds allow, leaving me severely unable to afford my tuition without setting me back another couple of years.
    I’m sharing this to humbly ask for your assistance, whether it’s large or small. Every donation helps! Even if you cannot donate financially at this time, sharing this post with all of your friends will help me reach an even larger audience and would also be greatly appreciated. I want nothing more then to be able to march this year, and will be eternally grateful to anyone that helps make it happen. Thanks for taking the time to read this,

    I have a Gofundme campaign set up at
    If you would like to aid otherwise feel free to contact me directly


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