VK 1992 High Camera

VK 1992 High Camera

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  1. Even with the severe pixelation, the red-and-white uniforms really pop when they flip around.  That’s awesome.  The opening fanfare drill is a lot harder than it appears, too.  

  2. Thanks, Raymond! Although none of us are kids anymore. I was 18 when I marched with VK that year. I’m 40 now. Watching that does make me feel like I’m 18 again! Best summer of my youth.

  3. I marched Cadets that year and we were getting off the buses behind the stadium during the ending of this show. I swear it had to have been the biggest crowd reaction I had ever heard when the shark ate the fat lady (though we didn’t know what happened at the time). I thought the stadium was going to come down. Great show!


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