US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps 2014 – Warmup [Quality Audio]

Check out my 2015 video of them!
The US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps hornline plays their warmup “A minor” before performing at the DCA Downingtown Classic on July 26, 2014. Also includes drumline footage, and a close-up of the two-valve soprano G bugle they use! Enjoy the sounds of The Commandant’s Own!

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Comment (29)

  1. Wow, what a sound!  I miss that dark G sound, great thing we still have it in one of the best marching units on Earth!

  2. 2 valve Kanstul g horns are still a bugle, the only notes they cannot duplicate is a minor or g sharp which requires both  second and third valve depressed otherwise slight modifications when writing. This warm up is a special treat.


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