“Vengeance Rising” Blast Beat – Who Plays it the Best?

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Intro Cadence – “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
Download these beats here – https://youtu.be/Z4vNz3M2Suk

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Video Sources:

Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger
“Death Metal drumming 2020”

Keep of Kalessin
“Vyl drumsolo at Jazzfest 2007 (Multicam)”

“Keep of Kalessin – Vengeance Rising”

“Keep of Kalessin- Vengeance Rising- Drumcover by Michael Margraf”

Coota Drums
“Vengeance Rising -keep of Kalessin”

Emiel Stoop
“Keep of Kalessin – Vengeance Rising – drum cover”

John Maconochie
“Keep of Kalessin: Vengence is Rising: Drum Cover”

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