2017 Blue Devils @ DCI Dallas [4K]

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Comment (5)

  1. I love y’all’s videos, but this year has left me wanting more. I’m not blaming you entirely, but the DCI channels I follow have left me wanting more as well. Whether it’s quicker turn around or more feet on the ground. Whatever the reason, I feel a lack of DCI related content this season. All that being said, I’d love to follow a corps an entire season (especially if it’s the Cadets), though I won’t be choosy (unless the Cadets are open, which I’d take first happily). Anywho… again, I love y’all’s videos! Keep up the good work! And if y’all need some extra hands next season… let me know!

  2. What microphone technique do you use to get the instruments in focus so well when they start playing? Is there like a muffler or something?


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