A day in the life of DCI with Crossmen

Get a look into what Drum Corp International is with Texas’ own Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corp.

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  1. Can somebody do a short youtube video on what these people eat, their caloric intake per day? Do they have dieticians on staff? Etc.

  2. Honestly it would be a dream to do DCI, but I don’t think that I’d have my marching skill high enough to get in. Not to mention the fact that I was a woodwind in high school and would be looking to join a crops that has cymbals, which would probably be pretty competitive

  3. Difficult for me identifying with Crossmen actually being based in Texas instead of
    Pennsylvania. We (Spirit) toured with Crossmen in 1980 and the two groups became
    close. Things change. Not sure how the group ended up in Texas? Anyone know?

  4. Aging out from DCI, should be a mental health condition. I tell people that DCI is like GLEE for band people but on CRACK!


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