Drunk Corps International Episode 024: Recapitulation

Recaps recaps recaps! The guys recap a ton of great happenings from these past months including the DCI rules changes and a big ‘ol final recap of the LotHype Bracket Challenge! Also available via iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and directly through our website!


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  1. My top three shows that I think should have been in the bracket that were not mentioned in the podcast, in chronological order:

    1999 Santa Clara Vanguard: Inventions for a New Millennium – The best use of minimalism that I think I have heard or seen on the field. Such a “Vanguard” show that perfectly sums up SCV.

    2003 The Cavaliers: Spin Cycle – That drill is goddamn insane and the music fits it perfectly. I don’t think it should have beaten Phenomenon, but such an incredible show that never gets any love because of 02 and 04.

    2012 Blue Devils: Cabaret Voltaire – My favorite championship show from the LOS era, it is just executed perfectly for such an obscure theme.


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