Hawthorne Caballeros 2015 | Hallelujah [Quality Audio]

Throwback!! Hawthorne Caballeros hornline warms up on “Hallelujah” before their 2015 DCA finals performance! Looking forward to catching Hawthorne Caballeros 2016 next week!! Enjoy Cabs brass and check back soon for more DCI 2016 and DCA 2016 content!!!

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Comment (44)

  1. Three things:

    Great video as always.

    For some reason it took me six times listening to this to actually hear the screamer part at the impact haha

    Is it supposed to say 2015? Because I know that was a problem earlier this season

  2. Was sooo not expecting this but it was absolutely amazing. Great quality audio that even i had to turn my volume down lol! keep up the amazing work

  3. As a member of this hornline thank you for sharing it. It’s a great thing to have a recording with such great quality to look back on such a great summer. Your work is greatly appreciated!


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