Show Synopsis: Blue Devils 2014 – Felliniesque

The podcasters from Drum Speak dive into the highest scoring show of all time, Blue Devils 2014 – Felliniesque! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE please! To purchase the full show and support the activity, visit

Show Synopsis: Cadets 2011 – Between Angels and Demons

Take a look back at on of the most captivating shows of the modern area, the 2011 Cadets program “Between Angels and Demons” Voice over and research done by the amazing podcasters behind Drum Speak ( To purchase the full show: For more information on the Cadets:

Show Synopsis: Star of Indiana 1991 – “Roman Images”

In this synopsis we take a look at “the best drum corps money could buy” and dive into the Star of Indiana 1991 show “Roman Images” To purchase the FULL show:

Show Synopsis: The Academy 2016 – Drum Corpse Bride

Ripped from the live bracket finale, Drum Speak takes a closer look at one of the most cohesive story-line show concepts in recent memory – Academy’s 2016 program, “Drum Corpse Bride” Join to stream full shows LIVE during the season! To purchase the full show: Be sure to subscribe!

Show Synopsis: The Cavaliers 1995 – The Planets

Ripped from the live bracket finale, Drum Speak dyes their tips blonde and dives back into the 90s with a look at the infamous Cavaliers 1995 production, “The Planets”! EDIT: The Cavaliers did not actually win all captions this year. We’ll go yell at Drum Speak right now for you, don’t worry.

LHFF: Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 vs Star of Indiana 1993

Match #26 of the LotHype Fan Face-off bracket tournament! We have Legendary vs Revolutionary as Santa Clara’s 1989 program “Phantom of the Opera” goes head-to-head with the 1993 Star of Indiana’s “The Music of Barber and Bartók” Voting must be done on this specific Facebook post for it to count! ( Full Bracket: Be […]

Madison Scouts 2017 Drumline DCI East (Multicam)

Ripped from our live broadcasts! Follow us on facebook so you don’t miss the next one! | The Cadets 2016 Full Battery Lot

Cut from out live stream footage of DCI Allentown June 30th, 2016. Follow us on facebook and twitter for the latest DCI 2016 videos and live stream events! Tweets by LotHype | DCI 2016 Allentown Drumline Stream is proud to present our first live stream event. We will be hosting 2 separate streams, one for drumline and one for front ensembles. This stream is a dedicated drumline only stream. Our Front Ensembles stream will be hosted on our facebook page here: