The Elite 8 || EMC Marching Madness Round 2

Vote for your favorite(s) here:
Only the top 4 will advance to the final round!
The deadline for voting will be March 6th @ 10:00pm EST.

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Comment (140)

  1. 5 6 4 3 are who should advance in my opinion. They looked like they put the most effort and talent. The 1 seed was good but not better than any of those 4 it’s just catchy and that’s why people voted it

  2. Emc I just wanted to say u inspired me to do drum line an I’m first chare snare right now I will be a freshman next year an I want to go to the Marines an try out in drum line an this is all bc of u thank u for everything this is Riley Gonzalez by the way


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