25 Painfully Awkward Band Moments

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  1. small awkward story here:

    So my band was going to an after school rehearsal at one of the local schools. We got on the bus and arrived at the school (it was literally like a 3 minute drive.) So we’re getting all of our stuff ready in the corner, setting up our instruments etc. I get back to my seat, and for some context: im a saxophone, and we were playing in the lunchroom. It was pretty large, so there were multiple long rows of instruments. I sat all the way in the back (second to last row), and I was all the way seated to the left- so there was no one to the left side of me. There’s a small space up in the front, where the chairs were almost in a half circle so the bd could stand their and conduct. Our bd can’t see me unless she literally walks over to the back section where I was seated. We’re about halfway through the rehearsal, and a small piece of my hair gets stuck on my legere. I’m not to worried though, because this happens all the time when im playing. So I do what I usually do when this happens- try to wick it out by nudging my head. Now we had just started a song, and I didn’t want to stop playing in the middle to fix my hair. Occasionally, this method of nudging my head wouldn’t work- and surprise surprise this was one of those times. We’re about halfway through the song, so I just tried to nudge my head again to try and get it out. And again. And again. And again. Until instead of a tiny piece of my hair being stuck on my legere, a giant clump of it was stuck. And the thing was, the only person who could have possibly seen (my friend to the right side of my) wasn’t paying attention to me/looking the other way. So literally nobody else saw what was going on. So I have to awkwardly somehow try to get this giant clump of my hair stuck in my legere out before the next song. It didn’t go so well, and for the rest of the rehearsal there was a big thing of hair in my legere. Made it uncomfortable to play :/

    TL;DR: In the middle of a rehearsal where I was seated all the way in the back- a piece of my hair gets stuck in my legere, which turns into a giant clump- and I have to get it out before our next song. The rest of the rehearsal was spent with a thing of hair in my legere.

  2. I’ll subscribe if you say “incontheevable” like in the princess bride. otherwise fun videos, I give you a thumbs up and enjoy watching your content.


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