My Audition for DCA (All-Age Drum Corps)

5,000 likes = DCA vs DCI vs WGI comparison video

EMC Marching Madness 2020 is under way! Search for # EMCMarchingMadness2020 and like the entries you want to see in the tournament. For details on how to enter, watch this video:

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  1. My entire life: “pretty much 100% positive of experience, except for like the nervousness of getting there at the beginning”. Yup. Preach! I’m 48 and it’s still holding true for just about everything.

  2. Fun story: My dad did marching band in high school as a snare (they were apparently one of the best bands in the state) and the two best players in the band were a mellophone player and a trumpet player. Some time, they saw a bus for the cadets that read something along the lines of “Looking for a mellophone and a trumpet player”. They got their instruments, they met the people, and they got on the bus and marched with them. They learned the whole drill and all the music in a few months.


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