Carrmen Heights Drumline Auditions || Behind the Gock Block Ep 5

“Behind the Gock Block” series playlist:
EMC Marching Madness 2020 is under way! Search for # EMCMarchingMadness2020 and like the entries you want to see in the tournament. For details on how to enter, watch this video:

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Video Credits:

“Final Drill – Marine Corps Boot Camp”

Steven Theme:
Music: Lazy Dally Comedy by, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Linda Theme:
“Boggy’s Igloo” Banjo Tooie OST

Rebecca Theme:
“Dollhouses” Alice Madness Returns OST

Masked Guy Theme:
“Vale of Tears” Alice Madness Returns OST

Chicken head Theme:
“Funny Comedy Background Music – No Copyright – Free To Use”
Free Vibes

Manny McMann Theme:
“Liquid Latin” Chris Rae

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