Top 69 EXTREME Drum Licks/Solos || EMC Lick Compilation 4

Most YouTubers do “Top 5” or “Top 10” videos. Noobs.

EMC Lick Playlist:

EMC Marching Madness 2020 is under way! Search for # EMCMarchingMadness2020 and like the entries you want to see in the tournament. For details on how to enter, watch this video:

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Title Screen Theme:
“Joachim Horsley – Beethoven In Havana (7th Symph., mv. 2 Rumba) [OFFICIAL]”

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  1. Eric, if I watched an entire 52min ad, would you get paid more than if I just skipped after 30 sec or do you actually get more if I stay longer? Cause I just muted a 50 min add on this video and pulled out m pad and waited it out in case you do get more money. Do I gotta do that in the future or was that just a waste of an hour?


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