I rewrote my 2007 I&E solo. Now it’s EVEN MORE EPIC.

In this video I react to my first tenor I&E solo, give an #EMCDrumLessons on writing for quad drums, do an #EMCLearntheBeats for both versions of the solo, and perform the updated 2020 version of the solo. OMG SUCH AMAZING CONTENT!

FREE sheet music:

Original Video of My First Tenor I&E Solo:

EMC Drum Lessons Playlist:

EMC Learn the Beats Playlist:

EMC Reaction Videos Playlist:

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RCC 2009 “Totem”

SCV 2005 Tenor Ensemble

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  1. What tuning do you use for the tenors? I really like the pitch difference between drums, and I have a hard time picking a set of pitches. (6, 10, 12, 13, 14 inch drums)


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