Fan Face-Off: Carolina Crown 2015 vs The Cavaliers 2006

The FINAL match of Round 3! We cap off our video match-ups (until the live finale!) with a fantastic match-up, Carolina Crown 2015’s “Inferno” up against the The Cavaliers 2006, “Machine”!

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  1. Love Carolina Crown, Ever since their first appearance in DCI Finals. But in this comparison, I got to give it to the Cavies’ “Machine”.This show had innovations in drill design and execution that haven’t been duplicated since….beside the awesome drill segment at the start of the show, the end section with the entire formation moving across the field while other formations were moving within it, innovative.Just one visual masterpiece executed after another, kept me riveted the entire show. I absolutely enjoyed Crown’s 2015 show, I thought it should have won that year, but the Blue Devs beat them by a slim .10 margin. The horn line was fantastic, the color guard was nearly perfect with very exciting flag and rifle work to accent the music, even the drumline, which gets picked on a lot, stepped up their game and performed at a higher level. The one thing that I say Cavies have over Crown is the highly original music and innovative drill design that pushed marching and drill design forward a few years is what I saw that makes me vote Cavies over Crown in this comparison.

  2. Cavaliers won finals on the day I was born so naturally I have to say Machine was better, but not just for that reason. It appeals to me more on a personal level but Inferno is an extremely close second. I love both shows. You truly can’t go wrong with the Green Machine. Just look at Frameworks, or any other Cav’s show from 2000 to right now. The visual and music are both absolutely incredible, especially for it’s time. The early 2000s truly were the era of the Green Machine.

  3. Crown, obviously better playing….but Cavaliers, better drill/design, etc. If I were judging this, I’d give it to the cavaliers. Cool video!

  4. I’m sorry, I loved crowns show that year, but “Machine” was beyond it’s time. Gotta give it to the Cavaliers on this one.


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