Bluecoats 2014 – Pants (3x) [Quality Audio]

Dedicated to everyone who loved last year’s version of Pants with the “Platinum Rows” tag ending–something that needed to be documented on this channel. With tilted horns, of course! This old footage was definitely worth digging up! Bluecoats hornline warms up in Piscataway on July 31, Allentown on August 2, and Indy on August 9, […]

Cadets 2014 – Hornline Warmup | Extended [Quality Audio]

The Cadets hornline on June 18, 2014, the day of their first DCI 2014 show. Exploring sounds in and around the horn arc, and a Cadets percussion feature toward the end! Check back later this summer for more Cadets brass!

Kidsgrove Scouts 2015 – Hornline [Quality Audio]

Follow @HornlineFanatic on IG this summer! Congrats to the DCE 2015 and WGUK 2016 Champions, Kidsgrove Scouts! Kidsgrove Scouts warm up in the lot for their DCA Finals show in Rochester, NY (USA) on September 6, 2015. Includes “Space Chords,” “Salvation,” and more! Enjoy Kidsgrove Scouts brass and stay tuned for more DCI and DCA […]

Madison Scouts 2014 – Hornline Warmup [Quality Audio]

Madison Scouts hornline warms up for their 2014 DCI Finals and Semifinals performances on August 9 and 8. Includes an exercise, a show excerpt, and the corps song of Madison Scouts, You’ll Never Walk Alone / MYNWA. Enjoy Madison Scouts brass!

Blue Devils 2015 – Hornline | Early Season [Quality Audio]

Check out my new BD Hornline vid: Blue Devils hornline warmup in the lot before their DCI performance in Clifton, NJ on July 5, 2015. Includes their Bb9 chord progression, and an excerpt from their opener. Enjoy Blue Devils brass and stay tuned for DCI Finals/Championships warmups! Also, see Blue Devils International Corps (BDI) […]

Cadets 2015 – Hornline Warmup [Quality Audio]

The Cadets hornline warms up in the lot before their DCI performance in Chester, PA at PPL Park on July 30, 2015. Includes Lincolnshire Posy II. Horkstow Grange, their french horn feature, Mahler, their trumpet feature, and Rocky Point Holiday! Enjoy Cadets brass!

Phantom Regiment 2014 – DCI Opening Night [Quality Audio]

Check out my new Phantom vid!! Phantom Regiment hornline warms up with Canon for their DCI Opening Night performance on June 18, 2014. Check back later this summer for more Phantom Regiment brass!

US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps 2014 – Warmup [Quality Audio]

Check out my 2015 video of them! The US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps hornline plays their warmup “A minor” before performing at the DCA Downingtown Classic on July 26, 2014. Also includes drumline footage, and a close-up of the two-valve soprano G bugle they use! Enjoy the sounds of The Commandant’s Own!

Bluecoats 2015 – Hornline in Allentown [Quality Audio]

Bluecoats hornline warms up for their DCI performance in Allentown, PA on August 1, 2015. Includes a warmup exercise, and show excerpts! Enjoy Bluecoats brass and stay tuned for DCI championships content!

US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps 2015 – Warmup [Quality Audio]

See for additional footage this summer! The US Marine Drum and Bugle Corps hornline and battery warm up before their DCI performance in Monroeville, PA on June 24, 2015. Features show excerpts, including Largo and Finale from ‘New World Symphony,’ patriotic themes, and ‘The Song of the High Seas’ fanfare from the Victory At […]

2015 Carolina Crown Hornline @ DCI Atlanta

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Pacific Crest 2015 – Hornline [Quality Audio]

Pacific Crest hornline warms up for their DCI semi-finals performance in Indianapolis, IN on August 7, 2015. Includes show content, their warmup exercise, and their trademark Ave Maria! Enjoy Pacific Crest brass and stay tuned for more DCI championships content!