LHFF: Bluecoats 2014 vs Bluecoats 2016

The match-up goes meta as Down Side Up goes up against Tilt!

This is match #28 of the LotHype Fan Favorite Bracket tournament! To vote, visit our match-up post on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LotHype/videos/1944110295602340/

Full Bracket Here: http://www.lothype.com/dci-fan-favorite-ultimate-off-season-show-bloodbath-delux/

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  1. I love the bluecoats and that they won it in 2016 with downside up. But tilt of 2014 with those beautiful uniforms and that epic ending will never be topped then the crowd reaction is the best bar none.

  2. So hard to pick!!! I love the classy blue coats and tiltedness of Tilt (and the epic pitch slide) yet, I also love the music, the synchronization, and the half-pipe choreography of Downside Up. I’m not sure SCV Orobouros (fave show ever!) would have happened quite like it did without Bluecoats showing us all how awesome those types of show concepts could be.

    I love DCI. Been a fan since ’89 and am always happy when anyone beats BD. LOL


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