LHFF: Phantom Regiment 2008 vs The Cavaliers 2010

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  1. Phantom’s show moved me musically, visually, and emotionally. It was well executed and performed from every aspect, from the Drum Major’s entrance on the podium, to the death of Ilithyia, to the final “I am Spartacus” and the death of yet another Phantom Regiment Drum Major, I felt like I was watching and thoroughly enjoying an on-stage performance. I love the Cavies, longtime fan since the 70’s, but between 2008’s Spartacus and 2010’s Mad World, I gotta go “Spartacus”!

  2. I love mad world, love the cavies (though I’m a crown man through and through), but 2008 was so iconic, so captivating, there was nowhere on the field where you could look and not discover something new about the show, the music is amazing, the drill is perfectly written, drums are on tempo and on point, and when the spear goes into the drum major you feel almost as excited as the corps. 2008, hands down. Sorry Cavies. Love ya.


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